These Dressing Rooms are very opulent, just look at the shoes and boots!
It doesn’t matter how big your space is organisation and good use of space is the key.
Winter is definitely on its way with a bit of fresh snow on our mountain, inspiring us to get the warm sheets and bedding out, create cosy lounge and family rooms with throws and cushions with inviting warm colours and textures.
It is time to change over the wardrobe to and get out those cosy jerseys, jackets, hats, scarfs etc so you are ready for the new season.
Organisation is the key to keep any size wardrobe easy to dress for success, have a few key pieces ready to wear and dress it up with the new fashion colours easily with some accessories whatever the weather.
If you are having trouble organising your wardrobe or style I can help you create a great functional space and dress for success wherever you go!
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