Tips on How to Arrange & Utilize Sentimental Possessions

July 11, 2018

What do you do when you have something sentimental given to you or you have inherited it and it doesn’t fit with your home or your style?

In this article below there are some interesting ways on how to display, store or donate them. It has given me some creative ideas that I can pass on to people and it is a lot about the emotion tied up in item not the item itself!

Grouping displays together is always a great way to organise any objects and it really works works! Puting the same type of  things in frames then grouping them is a great way to condense smaller items, just put a small amount on show or your favourite pieces from a collections and donating the rest could be a great idea too.

It all depends on how much storage you have yourself and if you have room to store these things without cluttering up your life then keep them but organise them. 

Keep on top of your possessions regularly and make homes for them so they won’t get on top of you and be such a big job.

Everything should have a place and should have space and not be jammed in and hard to find or put away. 

Its easier to put things away as you go than wait till it piles up on you, if you go through things seasonally it won’t be a big job that you keep on putting off.

Tackle one cupboard at a time, by breaking areas down you can be focused and accomplish the task instead of giving up because its too much or you run out of time. Give yourself a 2 hour time slot, make piles to sort later and work on what actually goes in that cupboard. You will be amazed how much you could achieve and may even get another cupboard done!

By admin