Styles of Curtains & Drapes

July 9, 2018

This article below explains about the difference between Drapes and Curtains, what styles and the benefits of dressing your windows.

I didn’t know the difference between drapes and curtains and though they were the same, but they aren’t. Curtains are light weight and don’t have linings and drapes are heavier weight and made with linings.

I have been making for clients a lot of sheers or voiles that are a great way to dress your window with linings on the back track for the evening, they give the room a lovely soft ambience with the practicality of blocking out light and keeping the warm room without the bulk.

There is a wide range of textures with linen look and slub along with shinny and floating fabrics to suit any room. They combine with blinds in the small windows or over solid blinds which is good for smaller spaces keeping bulk to the minimum.

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