Solving Interior Puzzles

June 12, 2018


If you need any inspiration or ideas for your fireplace, mantel piece and surrounding walls this link below will sure get you on the way.
There are some great ideas and colours for lots of different situations, as we all know every house is different and so are peoples tastes.
The difference about good design and great design is the process! Thinking about different solutions and talking it through not with just a friend but a professional will always give you that extra edge you need to optimise the project.
We are so lucky today to have the internet so we can look at all the design ideas and products on the market but that can also lead to confusion which then can lead to not doing anything or procrastinating!
If you talk to professionals that can help you narrow down the choices by elimination, practicality, longevity, ongoing maintenance and also style. You may need to talk to the professional that installs, paints, and sells to get a choice of the best on the market then talk to a designer that can work out what the best would be for you and your situation as they will look at the whole picture with you.
The process is the most important stage which is like a jigsaw puzzle, once all the pieces are together you end up with a great outcome, a finished balanced project that you will love for a long time!
If you need help with your project whatever size it is CALL ME, LIAN on 0274845543 and we can get started on solutions to finish you puzzle.

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