Small homes are very popular at the moment and these people have made one out of containers!
Such an inspiring idea which keeps the build price down and the land cost.
I’m sure you would have to be careful where you decided to build as the area might not appreciate the uniqueness on the project.
It never stops amazing me how you can change a room by moving something, big or small.
I recently changed my living room furniture and plants around, moved out the square coffee table that really wasn’t much use except for gathering dusk and homing my rock and shell collection. It is such an open different space now and more open, my granddaughter said to me ‘did you get a new plant Lee nan?’
I didn’t buy anything new I just took something out and moved things around, less is more!
I love changing furniture and objects so they have some cohesion together and tell a story, please let me know if you need another ‘eye’ to help change your home to suit you and your ever changing lifestyles.