I am sure you have noticed the trend towards the 1070’s in fashion and now interiors, this is due to the world shift and how COVID has affected us all around the globe.
People are spending more time and money on their homes which has been caused from these uncertain times, this trend of the 70’s takes us back to the safety and innocence of that error.
There is a strong shift to natural materials and texture along with small square tiles, coloured, crazed and rippled design. Small tiles create a stream like graphic look with Slim Shaker kitchen joinery design, cupboards have skinny boarder for just enough detail.
Tiles will be appearing on the top of different furniture surfaces as well!
Wallpaper is not used just for feature walls it is layered with other textures and colours to create movement, these look like they are random but they are not! They are carefully placed to make it work and have some unity which is not easy to do.
Colours of the 70’s like mustard’s and browns with fringing along with innocent small flowers and vibrant colours will be available in bedding and accessories.
Creative brick work on the exterior cladding is changing too, with different coloured bricks along with the use of curved and different shaped bricks.
Other design influences are;
Home Office Revolution
Different set of chairs or colours
Little living rooms within a room creating different spaces
Creative storage ideas and de-cluttering
Vintage colours in new combinations
Back to Black accessories
Mid Century Modern Classic design influences
Folding screens to create privacy and rooms within a space
Cosy rounded sofas, egg shapes and curly chairs
Minimalist lighting to enhance architectural features
The forest effect created with indoor plants and green shades.

Its time to bring some fun and vibrancy into your interiors in a playful way and crafting and up cycling furniture is hot right now.
If you aren’t that way inclined there are a lot of cleaver people that will do it for you. Hand made and local is so on trend now and very accessible.
Go out and channel the 70’s chilled out fun, innocent vibe in all of us!
If you need any help I would love to help you.