Keep Your Exterior Choices Simple

July 2, 2018

There are so many choices with everything these days and picking your exterior cladding, roofing and colours are very important to get right as they are the bases for all your other decisions!
Keep your choices down to 3-5 different colours, textures and materials and you will get the balance but also so important to consider the environment and size of the building. 
I was interested in this article below that the doors and windows are the most expensive thing, so obviously a lot of thought needs to go into these areas from the inside and out.
I advise people to really think about where you are going to put your ‘extras’ in your build and what is not going to be compromised, its false economy if you think you can add it later it is always more expensive. 
Your architect and builder look at plans in different ways and its always helpful to get an interior decorator to look over your plans because they will be looking for different things.
Houses evolve as they get built and transform so you really need to keep an eye on the progress as the plan comes to life! 
Don’t worry about how many times you change your plan and ideas as that is the design process, getting the balance right and tweaking things until you are happy with it.
How do you know you are happy with it is when you can sign the dotted line without hesitation!

By admin