Do you like what you see in the magazines but don’t know where to start? Most of us are drawn to a whole array of looks and design eras and want to include them all. But how to do it without creating a chaotic mismatch of unrelated objects? Take a look at these rooms that combine styles beautifully.
There is always a common thread that connects things together even though it is all mixed up. That’s where the ‘triangle of three’ applies to create some balance in the chaos! It is often harder to get it right than sticking with one theme and can be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle!
This is my forte’, balancing, grouping and making things look like they belong. I like utilizing what you have, creating space, getting the bones right then making a list of what you need to buy or look for. This saves you time and money and takes the stress out of deciding what to buy and coming home with nothing and/or having an argument!
My online assessment will help you identify and focus on what help you need, then make an appointment its that easy!