Drapes, Blinds and Decor

This checklist will help you work out what area you need help with and five you a guide of things to consider so you can optimise your budget and experience.

  • It is good to identify the function of the room so you have a clear idea what things will be housed there. There are a few different types of window treatments and the choice does depend on the function as well as the look.
  • This will give me an idea of the function of the household and considerations.
  • This will help both of us to be on the same page and be helpful for you to start the process of choosing.
  • I can help direct you to the right tradesman or professional and work out a timeline.
  • This is important for both of us so we can ensure that the project is completed and you are satisfied with the result.
  • Let me help you, we can work this out together and it isn't as overwhelming as you may think. Usually the people that don't know what they like do have a clear idea of what they don't like, it is my job to decipher it.
    I offer a free 30 min phone consultation to see if we are the right fit to help you with your Drapes and Blinds plan and selection
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Drapes, Blinds and Decor

I offer a FREE measure and quote which includes advise on fabrics and appropriate styles of window treatments to blend and enhance new and existing decors. We discuss the options to be sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

After I measure and your choice has been made I present a detailed quote covering all materials and installation costs.

The window treatments are ordered and made by professionals who take pride in the quality of their finished product. When they are ready I install them personally, and make sure everything is perfect.

I spend time listening and assessing you and your family’s needs and we work together to create a house into a home.

We can look at different packages or build one to suit your needs and budget.