Building and Renovating Checklist

  • It is good to have some visual ideas of what you like so you can regularly assess and filter them. The images will also let everyone else on the project be on the same page as you.
    It is very important to look at all your choices of materials together so everything will integrate.
    This help to create the indoor outdoor flow.
  • It is important to work out what you want to keep by visualising and measuring your furniture pieces to see if they fit and if they suit the new space.
  • It is sometimes hard to come to the same decision or compromise on some choices. If you employ a professional in all areas of you build you will get the right advise and be able to make informed decisions that you both will be happy with.
  • Unfortunately these considerations are at the end of the build, with overruns and unexpected costs sometimes the budget doesn't cover dressing the house and making it a home! It is still best to work out what is going to enhance you new areas and have a time line and clear pathway of what you need so you don't make any costly mistakes.
    I offer a 30 minutes free phone consultation to see if we are the right fit for your Interior design plan when you are building and renovating.
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Building and Renovating

I can help you decide on trade people and specifications for your project to integrate them seamlessly.
It is important to consider colour, space & design with a professional who can mediate and ensure everyone is happy with the outcome.

I can also help and advise you on what you need to keep for your new home as sometimes people get stuck integrating new with old and dressing there new space.

By listening to you I can design a package that is functional and affordable to fit in with your lifestyle and advise on what needs to be done and create a schedule.
I move, co-ordinate and blend existing furniture, soft furnishings and accessories

I will be teaching simple design tips so you can feel confident to arrange your own interiors as the project unfolds and can create a shopping list to save you time and money.