About Me

My gift is to harmonise home and living environments to your desire and it is my passion to help people Create Room for Success!
I work with the clients teaching them tips on decluttering by organising their homes and lives to create beautifully coordinated interiors and systems that work for them.

For the past 20 years, I‘ve been helping clients create beautiful spaces they love coming back to…. places they truly enjoy being in…. homes that are beautifully stylish, wonderfully comfortable, and uniquely personal.

Along the way, I’ve learned a defining lesson:  that how you dress the windows in your world can be the most important statement of style in your home.  The right choice of drapes, blinds and window treatments can transform any room instantly.  They can soften the hard surfaces of walls and wood, freshen colour schemes, create new textures, alter the subtle play of light, or add drama for a bold new look.

Following through with complimentary cushions, covers and other soft furnishings and blending each of these décor elements into the structural fabric and functionality of your dwelling may be all it takes to complete the final finishing touches for inspired living.

I have also learning the art of DECLUTTERING and DOWNSIZING which has developed into a passion of mine and love to help and teach people organise their homes to function and look the best it can to suit their own individual lifestyle.

So if you’re decorating, re-decorating, renovating, downsizing or just revitalising any part of your home and want friendly professional advice, I’d love to hear from you.  Let’s talk!

Making your dream home a reality may be much easier and more affordable than you think!”

Dip. Interior Design