5 Flat Surfaces You Can Delcutter

November 6, 2017

KITCHEN benchtops tables and desks are clutter magnets
  • Clear flat surfaces to restore calm, having a clear kitchen bench will help you feel relaxed and in control of your home.
  • Set aside 5 minutes to completely clear the bench and commit to keep it this way with regular maintenance, see my Tips on ‘Easy Morning Habits To Change Your Life’.


BEDSIDE TABLES – Create a Sanctury
  • They quickly attract clutter so take ti e t declutter and keep it that way as it encourages better sleep and rest.
  • Be deliberate of what you keep on it and monitor clutter, physically and visually.
  • This should be a display area and kept to a minimum
  • Keep clear as possible at all times
  • Create function and space to work
  • A Dining table should be kept clear and easy to access to use
  • Make it easy to tidy away after activities are completed.

APPLY THE 5 SECOND RULE – Things should only take 5 seconds to put away once you have dedicated areas for all you possessions!

This link below from my HOUZZ goes through the areas that are hard to keep uncluttered in you home.
5 Flat Surfaces You Can Declutter Today

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