Pricing & Packages


Individual Rooms

Window Treatments are designed and customised for individual rooms and windows. This includes a  FREE Measure and Quote with the added VALUE of my DECOR ADVISE.

Whole House

Window treatments are designed and customised for you to complement your house and the family’s lifestyle and budget. This includes a FREE Measure and Quote with the added VALUE of my DECOR ADVISE. Individual house discounts are available on orders above $4,000.00.


Interior Decorating Packages 

Deluxe Decorating Package – Valued at $499

Initial Visit, Extensive Report, Timeline, Shopping List and Shopping with Client 

This extensive package is great value if you are stuck and need help to blend old and new decor, if you have built a new home, renovated or moved into an existing home. We will look at the house, your lifestyle, existing furniture and accessories to build up a good understanding and picture of the type of decor that suits you and your home. I will follow up this initial visit with a report on my evaluations, recommendations, timeline, shopping list and advise on tradesmen etc.

I will research and find products for show and tell which helps us get an idea of  the type of look and decor that suits you. We can then match the products that can be blended and designed creating a decor to suit your home and your lifestyle. This cuts down the anguish and choice before we go shopping and helps me understand your tastes and preferences.

Once we have finely tuned and worked out what to look for the fun begins…the shopping and the styling!

This is a process that we do together and you will learn new skills and confidence to decorate your home to suit you!


Basic Decorating Package –  Valued at $160

Initial Visit, Report, Timeline and Shopping List

This package is great value if you are stuck and need some clarity on how to go forward in an interior project, how to blend new fashion into you existing decor or recently moved houses and have trouble blending new and old decor.

I will come and visit and chat about were you are at with your home and decor and write a report with some recommendations, timeline and shopping list.

This is great value with low financial output to get you back on track and give you the confidence to make good sound decisions that will complement your home and your lifestyle.


De-Cluttering Package – Valued at $120

I can  help you de-clutter and learn the skills to teach you and your family by organising your home to create a more balanced and enjoyable space to relax and spend time with your family.

Have you admired a tidy house with things at your fingertips, opened a cupboard that is tidy an organised, everything is balanced and calm but still warm, homely and inviting? Admired how functional and relaxed the home feels even in a busy family situation.

The key is having time to re-organise things which creates a more harmonious home. Yes, initially it takes a bit of time to go through and sort out but once you have done this the reward is more time daily and weekly. Once you are on top of things it’s just maintenance with seasonal changes and reorganising.


                                    Interior Decorating –     $80/hr

Free Measure & Quote for all drapes and Blinds