August 17, 2017

MY PASSION IS DECLUTTERING AND ORGANISING – creating functional and harmonious homes and spaces. LET ME SHARE THIS WITH YOU!

In life we are bombarded with so much to do, buy, ways to eat exercise and live…it becomes a bit overwhelming and frustrating. .

We just need to turn it off sometimes to evaluate were we are at and what we really need and want in our lives and make some guidelines and hopefully good decisions.

In business there are so many people vying for our attention and me as an independent interior designer working from home I have that challenge of getting my message out about what I do out there and to the right people!

How can I help cut through the noise and help you create a balanced harmonious home that is you and your family’s haven.

Have you moved into a new home, renovated a home or built a new home and have got stuck! Don’t know what to do or buy next! What colour to paint? You both can’t decide on things and just don’t know were to start!

These are things that I can help with and you aren’t the only one! It won’t take me long to get you back on track to a more functional and harmonious home and lifestyle.

I have adjusted my pricing to Pricing and Packages on my website to start giving me and my clients a more clearer idea and structure of how I deliver my Interior Design expertise, how I can help you and add some value in choosing me.

I can also help you declutter, reorganise and evaluate your home, creating a more balanced and enjoyable space to relax and spend time with your family.

Have you admired a tidy house with things at your fingertips, opened a cupboard that is tidy an organised, everything is balanced and calm but still warm, homely and inviting? Admired how functional and relaxed the home feels even in a busy  family situation.

The key is having time to re-organise things which creates a more harmonious home. Yes, initially it takes a bit of time to go through and sort out but once you have done this the reward is more time daily and weekly. Once you are on top of things it’s just maintenance with seasonal change sorting out.

I have designed a package for you so I can help you de-clutter and learn the skills to teach you and your family.

This is a bit of a passion of mine which sounds a bit strange but it is something that I enjoy and I am passionate about…creating functional and harmonious homes and spaces.

If you need help get to get you started check out my ‘ Pricing and Packages’ so we can get started together!

Lian Brownson







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