Downsizing & Decluttering

My gift is to harmonise home and living environments to your desire and it is my passion to help people create Room for Success! I work with the client to declutter, downsize, organise homes and lives with beautifully coordinated interiors and systems that work for them.
Are you moving and Downsizing and don’t know where to start, the process seems too overwhelming? 
Are you elderly or have elderly parents that are Downsizing and need help releasing, rehousing and sorting those possessions that have so many emotions attached?
Are you building a new house/apartment/unit and you need help to downsize to allow you to move in a stress-free and enjoyable way?
Consider working with ME, I can help to make the process more enjoyable an manageable.
I can take the stress, tension and anxiety away from you or your loved one with a impartial view by giving permission to release possessions and moving on.
Would you like a functional peaceful environment?
Do you want to take control of your life and you clutter?
How would it make you feel if your home was organised and functional?
I can set time slots to attack hard areas that you have been procrastinating on and work out designated areas to store items to make the house function the best but remembering it doesn’t have to be perfect the 1st time as its an evolving process, just like life!
I can teach you to apply the SPACE principal to let your possession breathe and fit comfortably into your storage areas.
I can give you permission to release your clutter as it can be a drag on our energy levels.