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 “Your home is your haven… a reflection of your life, your loves and your lifestyle. Let’s declutter, downsize, organise and create beautiful living and working spaces by blending treasures from your past with inspiration for your future.”

Hi!, I’m a professional home organiser, interior designer and decorator.

I specialise in drapes, blinds and complementary furnishings for your home and commercial spaces.

Lian combines a professional Diploma in Interior Design with 20 years’ experience working in the industry. This includes working as a décor and curtaining consultant at Homemaker, a décor and furnishing consultant at Eagars Furniture, and most recently as an Interior Designer, Buyer and Merchandiser at HOME Design Store.

Her expertise covers all aspects of interior design for residential, commercial and retail environments.

Lian is able to draw on the excellent relationships she has built up over the past two decades with all major product manufacturers and distributors in New Zealand to provide a personal, holistic, value-for-money design service.

She now works full time as a free-lance decor consultant specialising in drapes, blinds and complementary furnishings for the home.

My gift is to harmonise home and living environments to your desire and it is my passion to help people create Room for Success! I work with the client to declutter, organise homes and lives with beautifully coordinated interiors and systems that work for them.

Would you like a functional peaceful environment?

I would love to help you Declutter, Downsize and blend treasures from your past with inspiration for your future.

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